Hello, everybody,

I am very happy to write this post, because I have fallen in love with a t-shirt and today I am wearing it.

Actually it was love at first sight – in this case, I think it was a sponsored post on FB 🙂

I think there is also a story behind the little fairy or angel (however you would like to call it) – I think it was a drawing made by a child and it was later on turned into fashion 🙂

Anyhow, I just love it.

And there are many other adorable items on their site – check it out here.

I kept the rest of the outfit simple: mom jeans (I have been a fan of this type of jeans long before they became famous 🙂 ) and a black blazer, with some pops of my lovely green.


Jeans, blazer: H&M / T-shirt: Happy Friday / Sneakers: Adidas / Bag: DKNY

Long live the green!