Hello, everybody,

I officially declare the third week of October as being the best week for taking fall pictures – both with your person and without it 🙂

After all those rainy days, the sun has come out and the colors are going crazy I am telling you.

I decided to take a short trip outside the city, just to make sure I would capture all the good landscapes. And, for the special occasion, I looked for all the fall colors I could find in my wardrobe and took them with me.

Be prepared, cause some fall looks will be coming 🙂 – this is just the beginning: olive green pleated skirt, orange sweater, mustard blazer and lovely pops of brown and green.

Sorry for so many pics, but the colors were just lovely and I had to upload them all 🙂


Skirt: New Yorker / Blazer: Aboutyou.ro / Sneakers: Converse / Bag: DKNY

Long live the green!