Hello, everybody,

I am glad that I managed to visit Venice for the second time and somehow
right before the big flood that is on going on there at the moment.
I hope they will manage to preserve this amazing part of the world
for as long as possible, because it is simply amazing.
First time I visited was back in 2012, but back then I did not visit Burano
and Murano. This time I made sure to visit both.
Murano was not spectacular in terms of colours, but when
we reached Burano, my eyes almost popped :))
This little jewel of a town is perfection – it has just the right  mix of colours
and old architecture, plus the smallest streets ever.
I made sure to blend in the lovely atmosphere by wearing colours as well 🙂
If not me, than who? 🙂


Jeans: thrifted / Top: New Yorker / Trench: Reserved / Bag: MK / Sneakers: Converse

Long live the green!