Hello, everybody,

It is that day of the year again – the day I am getting one year wiser 🙂
And like almost every year, I wanted to have a special photo shoot.
Remember when I turned 30? if you forgot, you can check it out here.
But what to do this year?
Well, I decided to combine almost everything I love at once.
Since I love travelling and I am a mountain girl, I went to my beloved
mountains. I am not kidding – I have been to the seaside like maximum 10
times in my life and I have never been to Vama Veche 🙂
As for the outfit, I chose a midi dress – you know how much I love
midi dresses. And if the dress just happens to be green, well it is just perfect 🙂
And then a proustian moment hit me – I felt just like Maria from The sound of music,
my all time favourite movie as a child.
Running free and breathing the mountain air is all you need sometimes.
And it is true what they say – age is just a number. I will be forever young and green 🙂


Long live the green!