Hello, everybody,

The 3rd and final look with the brown boots and green jacket is here.

This time I went for a nonconventional combo of colours.

Black and white usually go very well with a pop of hot pink. But have you ever tried to add to that a pop of brown and then another pop of green?

Well, suprising as it may be, all of these combined actually work. At least they work in my book 🙂

I don’t know what yout think, but for sure if you want to stand out, this combo will do that for you.

I have at least 2 more outfits in mind with this jacket, but I will stop for now 🙂 For sure it will appear in future posts.


Skirt: Asos / Bag: Marc Jacobs / Jacket, top: Stradivarius / Boots: Epantofi

Long live the green!