Hello, everybody,

So, how are you handling the heatwave? inside, with the air conditioning on? yeah, me too.

But I also want to take pics – so, for the ones below, I actually woke up at 6 AM. I had 2 reasons for this: first was to make sure it was not as hot and second was to have the streets empty just for me – yeah, I can do crazy things for some good shots 🙂

The outfit is not exactly appropriate for this hot weather, but I was tired of all the skirts and dresses. I will get back to them in my next post 🙂

And I happened to find this lovely green t-shirt, which was perfect for this pair of mom jeans. I will not lie – it was hot under the damn jacket, but it pulled the whole outfit together, so what can you do? I had to wear the damn jacket 🙂


Jeans: H&M / T-shirt: Zara / Jacket: Fish&bone / Backpack: Santoro London / Sneakers: Adidas

Long live the green!